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Top Travel Destinations in Bulgaria – Bulgaria Travel

Bulgaria Travel By Tatyana Helleland

Bulgaria is a small country located to the south-east of the Balkan Peninsula. Even though not big in size, the country has a lot to offer to the traveler all year round.

During the summer, some of the top destinations in Bulgaria are the Black Sea resorts. The summers in Bulgaria are hot and dry, with an average temperature of around 25 degrees Celsius. The temperature of the sea water varies from 20 to 24 degrees, and on some days during August reaching up to 26 degrees.

Bulgaria Travel Notes - Top Travel Destinations in Bulgaria

Photographed by Ivan S. Abrams

These temperatures together with the many marvelous beaches make Bulgaria an ideal location for the traditional beach vacation most people take during the summer. Some of the top destinations on the Black Sea coast are Golden Sands, Albena and Saint Constantin and Helena to the north, and Sunny Beach, Saint Vlas, Nesebar and Pomorie to the south.

All these resorts are within 20 minutes of the nearest airports (Varna for the north and Burgas for the south part of Bulgaria) and there is convenient transportation to and from the airports.

The beaches at these destinations are very clean and have been awarded the EU Blue Flag for safety and cleanliness. The resorts are equally developed and there are many entertainment options available – water parks, water activities such as riding a scooter, water skiing and much more.

If you are visiting Bulgaria during the winter, the mountain resorts in this beautiful country are definitely worth visiting. Bulgaria has four large and scenic mountain ranges – the Balkans, Rhodope, Rila and Pirin and all of them share a similar climate with abundant winter snowfall. The resorts in the Bulgarian mountains are ideal for snowboarding, skiing or simply enjoying the beauty of nature.

The top destinations for winter holidays in Bugaria are the resorts of Borovetz, Pamporovo and Bansko. While the summer resorts feature large hotels by the sea, the winter resorts look a bit different. Most of the hotels in the mountains are either cosy, small family hotels or complexes of small houses. There are several large hotels as well, but the majority of rooms you can book are in smaller hotels.

Located within a few hours drive from the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, the winter resorts are easy to reach if you arrive in Bulgaria by plane. There is regular transportation available, and most hotels provide free transport to and from the airport for their guests.

During the spring and autumn the weather is not good enough for going to the beach and there is no snow, but even then Bulgaria has a lot to offer to the traveler. The country has a very rich history and there are a lot of cultural attractions and events.

One of the most memorable events that happens during the spring is the collecting of rose petals that will be turned into rose oil in front of your eyes. This event happens in early May, and is very popular among visitors from all around the world.

Bulgaria is the largest producer of rose oil in Europe, and this event is a must see if you are visiting the country during the spring. Tons of rose petals are hand-picked during a very short period of just a few days, and there are many parades, competitions for the “Rose Queen”, folklore dance shows and other events.

Some of the top destinations that can be visited during any season are the spa resorts of Bankya, Velingrad and many more. Bulgaria is naturally rich in mineral springs, and most of the larger spa resorts are built on top of such springs, so the water is used for filling the water pools and for spa procedures.

Bulgaria is a popular destination for travelers from Europe and the Middle East because of its diversity of landscape, delicious cuisine, friendly people and rich cultural heritage. Even though small, the country is beautiful all year round and definitely worth visiting.

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