Bollywood in Bulgaria

Bollywood in Bulgaria: The National theatre in Sofia

The National theatre in Sofia, called “Ivan Vazov” is one of the most beautiful buildings in the center of the capital. This is probably the reason why it is featured in so many productions of Bollywood in Bulgaria.

Most recently the theatre has attracted the eye of Rohit Shetty for the upcoming Shah Rukh Khan movie “Dilwale”. You can see the columns and part of the façade behind Shah Rukh and Kajol on this image from the set of the movie:

BTN National Theatre 1 - edited

Located in downtown Sofia, if you would like to take pictures similar to the ones you have seen your favorite Bollywood actors on you can strike a pose in front of the theatre beautiful façade which has 6 Ionian columns and exquisite Vienese baroque ornaments. The National theatre is housed in this beautiful building from 1907.

Inside the theatre all the performances are in Bulgarian, but if you get a chance to enter inside in the main hall look up to enjoy some of the most beautiful murals and balconies decorated with gold ornaments. The curtain of the main stage featuring an exquisite phoenix in orange, red, gold and brown is also a real treat to the eye.

Bollywood in Bulgaria: The National theatre in Sofia

The space in front of the theatre is open and you can walk around and unlike the way it is presented in “Dilwale” do not expect to see street artists. There are street artists in Sofia, but you can find them not here, but on one of the side streets next to the Alexander Nevsky cathedral.

In front of the theatre you can roam in the open space, sit down for a cup of tea and enjoy the sound of the running water from the fountains in the park and feel like a Bollywood actor.

As another proof that Bollywood is in Bulgaria, here is what Kabir Bedi, who is also part of the “Dilwale” team twitted, when looking at the National theatre in Sofia:

And if you would like to follow the shooting schedule of “Dilwale” you definitely have to start with the National Theatre, because this is where Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol started shooting their latest romantic adventure:

Bollywood in Bulgaria, Sofia