Dilwale in Sofia, Bulgaria: The Lions Bridge

While Dilwale was being filmed in Bulgaria this summer at some point it was rumored that Rohit Shety and team will try to recreate the train romantic scene from the original Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, but this time in a tram in Sofia.

And it was to take place on the Lions Bridge in the capital of Bulgaria.

Dilwale in Sofia

So where is this Lions bridge and what is it famous for?

The Lions bridge was built in Sofia out of stone at the end of the 19th century (1889-1891) by the Czech architect Václav Prošek. It is one of the most beautiful bridges in Sofia and it runs over the Vladayska river. There was another bridge before this one, which was called the Colorful bridge, being make of different colors stone and which had tree arches. The Lions bridge connects the cente of Sofia with the Central Railway Station and marks the northern border of the city center. The name of the bridge comes from the four bronze lion sculptures guarding each of the four directions of the bridge.

Dilwale in Sofia

The Lions bridge has been refurbished in the beginning of 2015, allowing for the heavy traffic to go under the bridge and now it is only the tram and pedestrians who cross it over. The green space and mini garden have been created on it, making it an attractive location to take a stroll and who knows …. Kajol might step down from the next tram.

You can see glimpses of the Lions Bridge in the Janam Janam song from Dilwale, which just released:

But the Lions Bridge became the backdrop not only to the romantic scenes in Dilwale. Some of the most important stunts were also shot here. And here is a tribute to all the stuntmen from Shah Rukh Khan:

In this video you can see the stunts shot on the Lions Bridge from 5:40 min onwards.

So if you are in Sofia and would like to live it as if in a Bollywood movie, here is what you can do. After you walk down Vitosha bulevard and you reach the end of the pedestrian, you should continue a bit further until you reach Sveta Nedelia church. There is a tram stop in the middle of the street. You can take trams number 4, 12 or 18 (it is better to take your ticket before you get on the tram, from the kiosks selling them on almost each tram stop. A ticket would cost you 1 Bulgarian lev for one person). Take the tram going further down and in the direction away from Vitosha bulevard. And ride for 2 or 3 stops. If you want to get down on the second stop you will have to walk on foot to reach the Lions Bridge, which is in front of you and you can discover the bridge and the beautiful green spots for yourself. Otherwise, if you decide to get off the 3rd stop, then you will cross the Lions Bridge with the tram and can get off it once it has crossed the bridge. And then you can walk back and cross the bridge on foot on your way back.

Returning towards downtown Sofia you can choose either the tram or if you would like to discover the Sofia metro, there is a metro station right on the bridge.